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Rio Grande CrossFit

What are we up to?  


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All of our coaches are L1 certified, which means they have studied, tested on, and passed all of the official CrossFit training requirements. Each and every one of our coaches understand that not everyone progresses at the same pace. This motivates them to work with each athlete individually in order to strengthen their weaknesses and develope new, unimaginable skills.


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Workout Of the Day

Everyday we have a new workout programmed for all of our athletes to follow in each class. With a combination of Olympic Weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics, and calisthenics, our CrossFit WODs convey the beauty of constantly varied movements at high intensity.


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The first of many events hosted by Rio Grande CrossFit, The Rio Grande Rumble, was a complete success. For our first event as an affiliate, we were astonished with the results and are more than excited to announce that we are already planning our next competition!



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A change of pace.

At Rio Grande CrossFit, there is never an excuse to not participate. No matter the relations between the WOD and your personal skill level, there is always a way scale the workout to make the movements doable, yet while doing so, we still incorporate the challenge. Unlike any other sport, CrossFit allows you to personalize movements based on your skills and work at your own pace towards your own goals. 

In the gym or out, we are one big family. One way in which we differentiate ourselves from other boxes is by forming bonds that last a lifetime. The reason being, is that we are willing to help you to improve your fitness and elevate your lifestyle. 

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It's not a sport. 

It's a lifestyle. 

Nutritional services and consultation available now at our box