Eric Hoisington


I began working out when I was 14; specifically for football. After High School, I began bodybuilding as a way to stay in shape, but quickly became obsessed with working out and eventually discovered Olympic Weightlifting. My learning then progressed even more as I began helping others do what I was doing. During my collage years, I discovered CrossFit as I stumbled upon a YouTube video with Rich Froning. Hesitant about bad rumors I had heard, a few years after I had seen that video, I participated in a CrossFit class I had been invited to. Within minutes I was no longer skeptical. I loved the weightlifting, slamming weights, the intensity, the various movements, and the sense of community. Helping people reach and accomplish their goals no matter where they might be has always been my motive for obtaining a CF level 1and I plan to expand my knowledge of the sport in my future. My goals since starting Rio Grande CrossFit have been to grow stronger personally, turn my weaknesses into strengths, and continue to help others reach their goals.