Marcus Adams

My fitness journey began at the age of 9 in the form of football. I fell in love with the sport early on. Coming from a background of athletes in my family I was surround by highly motivated and sufficiently educated individuals. This environment fueled my adolescent self to lead a journey of sports and fitness. For the next 9 years I participated in football with high hopes of making it to a Division 1 program. At the same time I was also ambiguous in my journey because I have a father who retired from the military as a highly decorated veteran. After falling short of my goals I enlisted into the Air Force in hopes of making my father proud, serving my country, and earning a free education. Shortly after enlisting I was lost and lonely in search of 3 things... fitness, family, and competition. Finding Crossfit in late 2013, this community lacked nothing short of these three.

Between 2013 and now there are many goals I have kept in mind checking off my list as I go. All in God's plan this year I was blessed with the opportunity to finally pursue another Crossfit goal of mine which is giving back. Recently gaining a coaching position at Rio Grande Crossfit I wish to return a book of knowledge that I began to write years ago and am still investing in. I began pursuing my Bachelors in Psychology early this year to achieve another personal goal and to also supplement my fitness arsenal to be a better coach, athlete, and human. Here at CF Rio Grande I am looking forward to a future of growth, giving, and being closer to God.