Richard Trujillo


I played basketball, baseball, football, and track all the way up to high school. After I graduated, other than running every now and again, I struggled to find that athleticism I once had. When I met my wife, she was marathon training, went to the gym regularly, and most of her family and extended family were lifting weights and entering body building shows. One in particular, her cousin’s husband (RGCF Coach) Aaron Bubbico, had entered tons of shows, and eventually received his pro card. Aaron really inspired me to get into the gym and start lifting weights. I really wanted to one day enter a show myself, so I had Aaron write me up a work out and diet plan to get started. 

After a few years of lifting weights, seeing my body transform from a little scrawny guy to actually having muscles, Aaron once again, introduced me to CrossFit. “I’ve never been stronger since I started doing CrossFit,” he said. Well naturally I had to try CrossFit. It was unlike any workout I’ve ever done, mixing strength with metabolic conditioning in a high energy positive and encouraging environment. I was hooked. I loved working out in a class with other athletes where no body judges, and everybody encourages. I wanted to take my experience further and explore coaching. I got the information, signed up and eventually received my Level 1 CrossFit certification.