Roadrunner of the Week


September 17th - Trish Bennet - Beast CrossFitter

Name (First). Tricia/Trish 

Occupation   Marketing Analyst (insurance, commercial lines) 

Favorite Hobby/what do you for fun?   Play recreational sports, softball and kickball 

Short term goal for fitness (1-12 months) Add 10 pounds to my snatch and clean and jerk 

Long term goal (1 year plus): Compete in an Olympic lifting competition 

Something about you that most people don’t know: I am deaf in my right ear. (Had meningitis as a baby

Aug 8-15th - Veronica Carlile, Housewife

  • Certifications: (specialty, extra classes you have taken that you feel add value to your coaching ability)

    • cl level , olympic lifting, kids Crossfit, gymnastics, powerlifting!

  • Favorite Hobby/what do you for fun?:

    • watch my kids play their gymnastics & football games

  • Short term goal for fitness: (1-12 months)

    • Work on my eating habits to try and cut a little weight and compete at the lift off!

  • Long term goal (1 year+) (Something about you that most people don’t know)

    • 🤷🏽‍♀️

Aug 1-7th - Todd Sewell, Clinical Psychologist

Short term goal: “CrossFit has already been such a blast. I’d like to keep working to be able to do a lot of CrossFit movements; double-unders, muscle-ups, the Olympic lifts, and running. I’m really just trying to learn a lot, I’ve never done a lot of this work so it’s been great exposure and the people have been incredibly supportive.”

Long term goal: When I can I’d like to enter to local events and enjoy that atmosphere, I’d also like to do a sprint triathlon. I’d really like to maintain a more active and challenging lifestyle.”

“Few people know I have a podcast about improving your mental health (‘What would my Shrink Say?’) and I am especially talented at tossing small food items high into the air and catching them in my mouth. Like world class skill level, I’ll take any challenger.”